Nutritional Values of Food

Nutritional Values of the Food We Eat  Making sure you are getting the nutritional daily values of the food you have on stock will be important if you are ever dependent on what you can grow, and what you have. I was going to make simple to use charts you could print and save into […]

The Herbal Medicine Cabinet D to J

The Herbal Medicine Cabinet D to J Please don’t miss our first installment of The Herbal Medicine Cabinet A to C.   Plant name and uses: Dandelion Root:  Acne, alcoholism, ayurvedia, bladder infection, bronchitis, bruises and sprains, cholesterol, colds, diabetes, digestion, hypertension, IBS, osteoporosis, PMS, and warts Dill: Digestion, halitosis, IBS and insect repellent Echinacea: […]

The Herbal Medicine Cabinet A to C

The Herbal Medicine Cabinet A to C   Plant Name and Uses All-Heal: Bruises/sprains, cuts and wounds, cold sores, herpes, and sore throat Aloe Vera:  Acne, dental care, facial care, insect bites, skin care, sunburns, cuts and wounds, and wrinkles. Angelica Root: Amenorrhea, colds, congestion, cough, cramps, depression, digestion, dysmenorrheal, hypertension, IBS and aids in […]

Self Sufficiency: Womens Hygiene and Birth Control

Self Sufficiency:  Womens Hygiene and Birth Control So you want to live off the grid, or you may be preparing for survival situations or maybe you’re starting out in prepping. This is one topic, that is VERY important and a lot of times over looked by the ladies. Possibly you left this up to your […]

Country Lifestyle Magazines

Country Lifestyle Magazines I wanted to share with you some of the magazines we subscribe too. We are constantly thriving for more information and new and different ways to do things around here. So we get some pretty unique magazines to aid in my quest to constantly research and learn.  Many people don’t want to […]

Edible Wild Plants in Pennsylvania

Edible Wild Plant’s in Pennsylvania There is a huge garden of wood waiting for those who know what plants or part’s of the plants that are edible. Many people reduce their food cost just by foraging in the woods. A simple hike can give you a wonderful bounty of delicious plants. Flowering Plants Burdock: The […]

Vet Medications for Humans

Vet Medications for Humans Antibiotics for Survival Needs or Living Off Grid Disclaimer:  This information is not to be used in replacement to a doctor or self diagnosis. Keep in mind, over use of antibiotics can lead to intolerance of medications when you truly need them. This post is for educational purposes only. Please do […]

The Bee House: How To Make Beeswax Candles

How To Make Beeswax Candles Now I hope you have read our warning post before you have jumped into making candles. If not, please go back and refer to this post: The Bee House:  Beeswax Candle’s for Emergency Supply It’s important you read that before going any further, especially if you have never made a […]

The Bee House: Beeswax Candles for Emergency Supply

The Bee House:  Beeswax Candles for Emergency Supply Sadly we are allergic to all things’ that sting, but we are still contemplating getting a small hive for all the benefits of beekeeping, the honey and the wax! We just need to overcome our fear of this idea and get some epi-pens in stock, but the […]

Tested By OAF 20 of the Best Homemade Dog Treats

Homemade Dog Treats When it comes to feeding our animals quality snacks we choose to go the homemade route. With so many recalls and issues with oversea pet foods and snacks, it’s just not worth the risk with our fur babies. We have compiled a list of the top 29 tested dog food snacks, treats […]