UpCycling: T-Shirt Rag Rugs

Upcycling: T-Shirt Rag Rugs We have so many hardwood floors in our house we need to have rugs that hold up to the dog’s, but I was not ready to spend the hefty prices for thick quality made rugs when I knew I could make something that would work, for almost next to nothing. I […]

Review: Miracle Care Nail Shaper

Review:  Miracle Care Nail Shaper We have three dogs, but we foster dog’s here and there and we never know the condition we will get a foster dog in. It helps to have dog care products on hand. We recently received the Miracle Care Nail Shaper to see what we thought. I set to work […]

Review: Adeline Organic Eye Serum #ADELINE

  Review:  Adeline Organic Eye Serum Okay most women will not admit their age, but I am okay with doing that. I am 38, and so far not a wrinkle in site, I am in the sun a lot, but I have always made sure to take precautions. I do not have a desire to […]

March Gardening by Zone to do List

March Gardening by Zone to do List It’s coming up on March, what are your plan’s, what all do you need to start getting accomplished? Remember everyone’s zone’s are different so some will apply to you and some will not. So please make sure you are referencing the correct chart for your zone. It’s important to […]

Survival: Oxygen Tanks #SHTF

Survival:  Oxygen Tanks Do you have everything you need? What will you do in a situation of SHTF and you are on oxygen! Do you stockpile oxygen tanks? This might not be financially feasible for some. So what exactly would you do? On this one I would TRULY love to hear from our readers!! This […]

Review: Yumms Burger Press #Yumms

Review:  Yumms Burger Press I need to start out by saying, I absolutely love this device!! I have an old metal one you push the meat into and then twist the handle and this metal blade unstuck it, but the problem with that is it gets gummed up and you constantly have to clean it. […]

Survivalist: Running Out of Medicine (Migraines)

Survivalist: Running Out of Medicine (Migraines) Have you ever wondered what you will do if you run out of your medicine what will you do. With a world that is dependent on medications for health issues this would leave a lot of people in a bind. Over the next few days we are going to […]

Homemade Cleaning Recipes

Homemade Cleaning Recipes Here at One Acre Farming we try to make as much as possible, recycle and reuse. We don’t like to create much waste in this world. Not to mention, it is much healthier to create our own homemade cleaning products then to use some of the harsher chemicals on the market. Grimy […]

Best White Egg Laying Chickens

Best White Egg Laying Chickens   If you missed our post about the Best Brown Egg Laying Chickens, please click the link and read about them, if you want brown layers. I have never noticed to much of a difference between white and brown eggs. Commonly though brown eggs are larger, and it costs more […]

Best Brown Egg Laying Chickens

Best Brown Egg Laying Chickens Nothing beats a fresh laid egg, from the bright yellowish orange yolks to the firm egg whites. The taste is undeniable delicious. If you have never had a fresh egg you have no clue what you are missing, but the moment you taste a fresh egg, you simply cannot go […]