Homemade Vaporizer Liquid Substitute

Homemade Vaporizer Liquid Substitute

Homemade Vaporizer Liquid

If you own a vaporizer and have become accustomed to using Vick’s Vaporizer liquid but are looking for an alternative you can make at home, you have found the right spot.

Normally the store bought liquid costs between $6-7.00 for 4 ounces of liquid, and this is usually the off brand pricing and the product doesn’t seem to last as long and it’s not as strong.

I make an infusion with distilled water, a few drops of vodka (preservative), eucalyptus leaves and camphor oil.


4 oz. organic eucalyptus leaves  (cost $3.00)

1 oz. Camphor Oil (cost $3.00)

16 oz. Distilled Water (cost under $1.00)

2 TBL. Vodka (cost $0.25) ??


  1. Place eucalyptus leaves in the bottom of glass container that has been properly sterilized (water bath), the container must be big enough to hold at least 20 ounces.
  2. Boil the distilled water and pour over eucalyptus leaves.
  3. Once water has cooled, strain water into another clean sterilized glass container that has a lid. You can discard the leaves at this point or save them for reuse, I usually keep them to use as weakened poultices.
  4. In your eucalyptus water, combine the remaining ingredients (camphor and vodka), place lid on container and shake well.

Total cost is roughly $7.50 for close to 18 ounces.

Make sure to store your container out of direct sunlight. Also remember, do not skip the vodka, this acts as a preservative. If your wondering why you would need this, please read my article on Homemade Cleaners Warnings, while its about cleaners the concept is still the same.

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