Mason Jar Herb Garden Wall

Mason Jar Herb Garden Wall


I promised an update on how I planned to place the indoor herb garden on the walls in my kitchen. Well, I decided to google ideas a while back to see exactly what I wanted to do. It took months of me deciding, because I knew once I did this, I was not going to redo it and I needed something that is structural and sound and would withhold against the uses in my kitchen.


For this project you will need the supplies below:

  • Reclaimed wood of some sort
  • Hose Clamps
  • Screws
  • Nails & Hammer (Optional)
  • Drill
  • Screw Driver
  • Paint (optional)

Start by deciding where you want your wall garden, this could be a long strip or just a few herbs here and there all over the kitchen. Since I grow 20 herbs, I have to strategically do them around my primitive decorations that I refuse to get rid of. I love my kitchen, just wish it was bigger. Once mine are on the walls, completely I will take pictures of my own kitchen and include them in another updated post.

I will warn you now, I am using images from google, because I noticed a lot f people do these, but a lot of people do not do them right, they try to go for that cutesy look and due to that, they lose the fact they need to be functional as you are growing plants in them. For example I saw a ton of titled jars, ones with no rocks in the bottom, etc. 

Why not to tilt your jars… you are one making it harder to water, but most importantly you will not be able to water your plants properly, the water will sit in the bottom of the jar, and less face it, water is heavier then air, so the water will be pulled off the top of the tilted plant to the lower end of it, causing the top to dry out way to easy.. so no matter how “cute” it looks, forget it!

Why you need something in the bottom, such as rocks or marbles, if you do not provide proper drainage you will just rot the roots of your plants. Because your plants will be in mason jars, they can not drain as if they are outside. It’s not possible to put drain holes in unless you like the look of wet dirt running down your walls and dead plants due to losing there soil. 

If you would like to see a picture of how I did mine, based on a picture I found on Pinterest. Please CLICK HERE

Mason Jar Herb Garden Wall


  1. Margot C says:

    I see these projects all of the time and I simply don’t understand why they appear over and over again. This is supposedly a site dedicated to farming, gardening and crafts. How can I trust your advice if you post this?

    You can’t grow most plants in glass jars (particularly not outdoors) – or not for long you can’t. They will grow temporarily, but because there is no drainage from the glass jar (you know, like the hole in the bottom of the clay pot) the plants will die. You can get away with this with some succulents by being very stingy with the water and letting them dry out, but herbs – no way. I certainly would never do this with a child. What would I be teaching them?

    • I guess you have never tried this method. I have been growing my herbs indoors with this method for years. Never had an issue. I have plants that are years old that keep producing beautifully. When I post on my blog, its things I do in my household, tried and and tested. If it’s not for you that’s fine and no one is forcing your hand to try anything you wish not to do. But, being I do this, I know it does work. :)

    • These are awesome. If I didn’t have cparpy plastic wine glass holders over my kitchen sink full of glasses I never use or dust it would be SUCH a great kitchen fixture. I’ll be putting this on my list of to dos .

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