Pesky Rabbits in the Garden

Pesky Rabbits in the Garden

Those pesky rabbits can take all your hard work and ruin it in hours. Beautiful crops you can’t wait to harvest, chewed down to nothing over night. When you wake up with that warm fuzzy feeling to go water the garden, you walk out to see nothing but a destroyed mess.

Your first thought may be to use pesticides or other harsh chemicals to remove the pesky rabbits, but trust me there are other alternatives and you can still keep your garden organic.

pesky rabbits

Did you realize that hot peppers are a huge deterrent to rabbits, you can either make a hot pepper solution or you can use crushed hot pepper around your garden, or use it as a dusting across the plants and vegetables. Don’t go over board on the hot pepper’s though because you can burn and kill a plant.

I normally get a 24 ounce spray bottle and place to cut up jalapeno peppers in the bottle and then fill the bottle with water. You can also use your food processor and chop them up and put them into a water bottle, but I have found if you mush them up to much they will clog the trigger and well, who really want to constantly unplug a water bottled filled with jalapeno water?

Btw.. wear gloves!!

Lightly mist your plants and vegetables nightly and watch your rabbit damage decrease drastically. Btw, make sure you respray plants after any rain as this does wash off.

We rarely have any rabbit damage or groundhog damage since following this method. We even chased off a tomato loving raccoon. So if you have your own natural organic tips to removing those pesky rabbits


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