Pinterest Win: Gardening Planter How To – Recycled

Pinterest Win: Gardening Planter How To – Recycled

If your anything like me your cruising Pinterest into the late hours, wondering how in the world it is possible to look at the clock see its 8pm and the next glance at the clock its 1am and all you did was sit on Pinterest! Yike’s, was trying to stop doing that because regardless I have to be up early. So I have to say Pinterest has been the reason I lack sleep often.

I wanted to share my Pinterest Win, it’s a recycled gardening planter I saw and loved and had the perfect chair for.

The original Pinterest Pin: View Here

I was going to connect to the blog who posted it, but the post was just the picture without any information. So feel free to follow it from Pinterest. I decided to just go ahead and make this, I mean I realize I could have sat a flowering pot on a chair and call it a day, but I wanted it to sit down into the chair. So here are the pictures and the information on how to do this yourself. 

Tools Required:

  • Drill and Drill Bit to make hole in chair
  • jig Saw and blade


  • Make sure to weather proof your chair, I used an outdoor poly spray
  • Measure twice cut once, or four times to achieve the size hole you need, just don’t over cut or you will be buying a bigger planter.
  • Add your own touches, I decided on the broken stem 


Directions are under each picture, the pictures are set to go step by step, just click next for the next step and photo.


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Select the planter you want to use. I had these beautiful petunias in a pot already.

In case directions are not easy to follow via the bottom of the pictures. I have also included them here:

  1. Select the planter you want to use. I had these beautiful petunias in a pot already. 
  2. Set the pot down on the chair you will be using and draw a circle around it. If your pot get wider at the top, cut the circle wider then what you drew. 
  3. Place pot into chair, if you cut the hole to small for it to fit down nicely, slowly cut it wider will you achieve the look you are looking for.
  4. Finished product. I took a broken stem martini glass, pushed it down into the planter and topped it off with a pillar candle. This chair sits in the corner by my pond so the candle is a very pretty effect at night when we have company.

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